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The original Nockberge pine room

The pine rooms are completely equipped with solid pine wood and offer all comfort. Indulge in this unusual luxury in the Nockberge!

You sleep better in the bed made of pine wood!
The positive qualities of the wood of the "Queen of the Alps" has been estimated and used for centuries. For the first time this experimental knowledge were empirically reviewed by scientists of the research institute JOANNEUM (institutes for Non-Invasive Diagnosis). It were measured with the help of most modern sensor technologies and evaluation methods stress and relaxation in the normal daily routine. The heart frequency is the most important control variable of a complex regulating network involving the heart, circulation, respiration, temperature, metabolism and psychomental influences. This gives the heart frequency its typical temporal structure. 

In the sleep a clearly better sleeping quality appeared in the pine wood bed in comparison to a wooden decor bed. The better night rest is associated with a reduced heart frequency and increased oscillation of the organism throughout the day. The average "savings" in the pine wood bed was at 3500 heartbeats per day, equivalent to about one hour of heart work. These phyisiological results agreed with the subjective appraisal of the experimental subjects who reported about a restful sleep and a better general condition.

Each of our beautifully designed pine rooms make you feel at home. In the selection of equipment we placed great emphasis on local products. Also special anti stress mattresses provide for a restful sleep. All our rooms are specially designed as allergy friendly and non smoking rooms.

The pine rooms are equipped with shower, toilet, safe, a spacious vestibule and cable TV. We provide our guests throughout the whole house free WIFI.

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